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Woodland Public School
2023 – 2024 Staff List

Office Staff
Principal Mrs. K. Worth
Administrative Assistant Mrs. G. Craig
Custodian Mr. D. Jones
Homeroom Teachers
Kindergarten Team Mrs. A. Wright
Ms. E. Goddard
Grade 1/2 Ms. K. Bond
Grade 2/3 Mrs. H. Gabriel
Grade 4/5 Mrs. P. Strooband
Grade 6 Miss B. Bridges
Grade 7/8 Mrs. A. Leontis
School-Based Teaching Staff
Learning Resource Teacher and Rotary Mrs. T. Strickland
French and Rotary Mme. C. Bisnauth
Support Staff
Youth Counsellor Ms. A. Tews
Social Worker Mr. D. Pierce
Instructional Coach Mrs. J. Grosvenor
Lunchroom Supervisors Mrs. A. Roscoe
Mrs. R. Ruddy
Mrs. W. Sterk