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Kindergarten Open House

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Character Trait - COURAGE

April 2/5 - Good Friday & Easter Monday

April 2nd -

World Autism Day

April 8 - Forest of Reading Grade 5&6 Virtual Session

April 12-16 - Spring Break - No School

April 22nd -



Forest of Reading Gr. 7/8 Virtual Session

April 27th - Virtual School Council Meeting 6-7:30 Everyone welcome!

April 30th - April Student Recognition Presentations


Welcome to Woodland Public School!

Hello Woodland Families,

There is a lot of excitement in the air this week as we lead up to our much-anticipated Spring Break, which is taking place from Monday, April 12 to Friday, April 16. We will look forward to welcoming students back from Spring Break for in-person learning on Monday, April 19.

No doubt, it has been a long 13 months for all of us, especially for students who have been so resilient during this pandemic. We believe that the best place for students is learning in-person with their peers and classroom teachers. The more we do our part to follow Public Health guidelines, the higher the chances are that we will continue to keep the doors of our schools open.

Daily screening is one of the most important ways to stop the spread of the virus. This is where you as parents can help to keep schools safe. Before your child comes back to school on April 19, please screen them for COVID-19 symptoms. If they have one symptom, we ask that you please keep them home.

During the Spring Break, the COVID-19 Assessment Centre is making asymptomatic testing available for students. To book an appointment, go to: https://www.niagarahealth.on.ca/site/assessmentcentres

At any time, if your child or anyone in your household is ill, consult your family care provider or call the Niagara Region Public Health COVID-19 Info-Line at 905-688-8248.

Ontario Public Health has asked that we share the following information with families as a reminder of what we all need to do during the provincial stay-at-home order:

· Socialize in-person only with the people that live with you

· If you are someone in your home is feeling ill, get tested

· If your child is going to a child care centre during the Spring Break, be sure to do the daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms – there’s a convenient link on our website

· Continue frequent hand washing, masking, and physical distancing

· Do not travel outside of the community

· Only leave home for essential trips like getting groceries and attending school

I hope your family has safe, fun, and restful break.


Mrs. K. Phillips


Keeping Safe Together

Woodland Communication - April 9 - 2021

Daily Assessment

It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to assess their children daily before sending them to school. Additionally, parents must have a person available to pick up their child right away, should they become sick during school. We ask that all parents sign and return the Parental Agreement for Daily Screening - thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe!

Niagara Public Health has created the following information page for parents.

What to do when a child has COVID-19 symptoms




Introducing the DSBN Well-Being Flag!

The DSBN’s first-ever Well-Being Flag is on display in our atrium! Designed by a
DSBN student, the Well-Being Flag is a tangible symbol of student voice, leadership, inclusivity,
kindness, acceptance, diversity, bias-free environments, respect, positive engagement, and
The Well-Being Flag will be on display at Woodland to show our support for
inclusive school environments, where everyone should feel safe and respected. We hope that
DSBN students and community members see themselves represented in the Well-Being Flag,
and interpret it in their own personal way.


Keeping our School Safe and Healthy

If you have a child with a Prevalent Medical Condition (Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes, and/or Epilepsy) we want to make sure we have a current Plan of Care to support your child.  

The Plan of Care form is a new document that replaces the Emergency Action Plan. All parents of children with Prevalent Medical Conditions are asked to fill out the new Plan of Care and submit to the school.

You can download the forms here dsbn.org/prevalent-medical-conditions.

For more information, please contact the school.


Scent Aware-Reduced Environment:

Woodland is a Scent-Reduced Environment: some staff and students have a sensitivity to odours, smells, and scents. Please do not wear, or send your child with, perfume, cologne, after shave, or scented body lotion into the school.


Be Nut Aware!

When you are packing your child’s lunch, please remember that we strive to be a nut-free environment. Members of our school community have nut allergies so it is important that we all work to ensure their safety.

Thank you!