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Information For Families

Information For Families

​​​​​​​Woodland Public School Front

Woodland Public School is a Kindergarten through Grade 8 school, located west of St. Catharines, just south of the Queen Elizabeth highway, on 7th Street Louth.

Woodland School was founded in 1846 as a one room school. It grew to two rooms in 1920 and five rooms by 1955. By 1969 Woodland School had grown to 10 rooms with a gymnasium. It was not until 1982 that Grade 7 and 8 students from Port Dalhousie began attending Woodland. A major fire in 1994 and the resulting restorations have left Woodland as it is today.

Woodland School is part of a closely knit, supportive community. In the past few years, the staff and School Council have worked together to inform and educate the community about educational changes involving curriculum, assessment and reporting. Students at Woodland benefit from a wide range of experiences which enrich their school life.
Woodland continues to be

“A Place to Enjoy and A Place to Learn”.